Cave Tubing in Belize
A True Exciting Fun Filled Family Adventure

The 45 mins Jungle Hike Trail

Our Hike Starts at the entrance of the park, where we gear up with our lights and tubes. There are restrooms available at the entrance of the park, from there on its only the trees.

Next we take a look at the pottery around the outside of some of the caves and eventually we go inside the dry caves. We learn about sediments and the various minerals that travel through the limestone rocks within the caves.

We continue on our trail and learn about various plant and animal life including: the mahogany tree, the butt plug tree, the poison ivy plant, the sapodilla tree, the various palm trees and many more.

As we journey along our trail we stop and cut some sugar cane plants and taste the sweet cane juice directly from the source. There are also areas that we call termite pits where we stop and look at the various termite nests and get to eat a termite or two. Most brave visitors say that the termites taste a little minty.

Its a very educational and exciting hike that awaits you. The rest you will have to see for yourself.

45 Mins Trail


Invisible Lizards

Ultimate Traveller

Butt Plug Tree - Peptobismol

Tour Guide

Cohune Nut

Natural Insecticide - Repellant

Excited Visitor

The River Entrance

Realizing the Water is Cold !!!

Trying Not to Get Wet on a River tour !!

Follow the Leader..

Master Guide In Front

Well Prepared visitor

Getting Foot Wear

Hmmm no socks !!!
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