Cave Tubing in Belize
A True Exciting Fun Filled Family Adventure

Cave tubing Cave

Venture down the exciting Cave Branch River

We meet at the Airport - In our Vans or Suv depending on how many visitors arrive. From there we take a 15 mins ride to Belize City (population 80,000). We stop and have a bite to eat at any of the various restaurants available. Refreshments are Free and readily available.

After our meal we take the Western highway and travel along savanah fields for 37 miles. Throughout the trip we learn about the different eco systems in Belize and about the various cultures. Once we arrive at the Jaguar Paw dirt road entrance we travel in for another 6 miles.

Once at the Caves Branch River, we gear up with our water slippers, lights, tubes and our dry bags for our cameras. Next we Journey through the combination of nine wonderful interconnected caves where the ancient mayas once travelled. We learn about the various cave areas that were once used for - Sacrifices, worship, blood letting. And we learn about the origin of the sacred water dripping. Imagine yourself in a dark dark cave floating along a very calm water and looking at real life pottery and ornaments that have been left by the mayan civilization many many years ago. An Adventure you must Experience yourself...

This Great Adventure is filled with much humor and excitement.


The Experience


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